4 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Conditions


Winter weather can be unpredictable and at some point you may find yourself in hazardous driving conditions.   A winter storm can cause severe wind and blizzard conditions, as well as, low temperatures creating sleet, freezing rain and ultimately ice on the roads. Are you prepared? If you have any injury contact Everett personal injury Lawyers.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Conditions

  • Create a family emergency plan.  When a storm strikes many of your family members may not be together.  It is important to discuss a family plan with your loved ones and make sure that all your family members know this plan in advance.  One important factor is communication.  Create contact cards for each family member.  Don’t rely completely on the information you have stored on your mobile phone.  If the power goes out and you cannot charge your phone you will not have access to your family contact information.  If you have a relative that lives out-of-state it may be easier to get a hold of them than someone that is in your local area due to the extreme phone usage in your local area.  Make sure that each family member has text message capabilities.  Text messaging may be the best way to communicate with family members instead of calling them directly.  You will also use less mobile battery power so that you are still able to communicate thrvancouver personal injury attorney
  • oughout the disaster.  Get a portable power bank for your mobile phone just in case you do not have access to electricity due to power outages.
  • Weather conditions - Protect you and your passengers by being aware of the weather conditions in advance.  Always allow extra time to travel during inclement weather.  The Washington State Department of Transportation has several links available that will give you current reports on weather conditions in Washington State.
    • Cameras
    • Mountain Passes
    • Traffic
    • Travel Alerts
    • Weather
  • Basic emergency supply kit for your vehicle – If you need a car loan for a reliable vehicle visit: Car Loan Cash Now. In case you are stranded, you should have a basic emergency supply kit in your vehicle and it should include:
    • Emergency flares, safety beacon/flashing light
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • Emergency contact card
    • All passengers have warm clothing and good walking shoes or boots
    • Warm blanket or sleeping bag for each passenger
    • First aid kit and prescription medications (at least 7 days’ worth)
    • Garbage bags, plastic ties, toilet paper, and antiseptic wipes
    • Portable water (at least four, 16oz bottles per person per day)
    • Non-perishable food
    • Hand warmers
    • Rain gear
    • Ice scraper
    • Small snow shovel and traction aids
    • Extra cell phone charger and battery
    • Tire chains
    • Local maps
    • Jumper cables
    • Battery or hand cranked radio
    • Manual can opener
    • Cat litter or sand
  • Prepare your vehicle for safety. You or your mechanic should check the following items on your vehicle before inclement weather hits.  Make sure to have your vehicle properly serviced and maintained.  Make sure to check:
    • Brakes – Check fluid levels.
    • Battery
    • Front, rear and hazardous lights
    • Windshield wipers
    • Heating and cooling system
    • Antifreeze levels
    • Electrical system
    • Oil – Check fluid levels.
    • Tires (Washington state allows studded tires Nov 1 through March 31)  In extreme weather conditions, an advisory may state: “chains are required on four and all-wheel drive vehicles. Studded tires do not meet the chain requirement and therefore you will be required to put chains on your vehicle when this advisory is indicated.

Make sure to take your time and slow down.  Turn on your headlights so that other drivers will be able to see you.  Leave extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you. Focus on driving and not passengers, phone, or the radio.  Many accidents happen because drivers are going too fast or they did not prepare their vehicles to travel through hazardous conditions.

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